True Story: First iPad spotted in 2008, totally analog

The very first iPad, 2008

OK, OK, I didn’t invent the internet. But I sent an MP3 around the world way before you or Steve Jobs did. I told you it was hot, didn’t I? No way I was going to rest on my laurels, I kept after it.

Sometime early in 2008 researchers in our Carrboro kitchen created the first working iPad. You could, back then and probably still, get a printable version of the iPhone, ready to print on cardstock and fold into a iPhone-shaped model.  Combining parts from the model and a small notebook, we thought we had something potentially very useful. When used with any- and I mean any — writing device (100% compatibility!!) you could instantly be taking notes, sending messages, drawing pictures, writing songs, making tiny paper airplanes,  the possibilities are  endless.

So the iPad was born. I showed it to several witnesses and potential investors (loozers!!!!) who failed to jump in. Pictured at left is the (still) working prototype, a 64-page model, with fake iPhone cover. Didn’t come with a pen, that would cost you extra.

I coulda sold a million, damn. And if I hadn’t spilled something on the cover of this one I might be able to get a lot for it on eBay. Double damn.

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