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Love it: Exposure bucks!

Dig it!


Water Music

Here’s a piece I did for a video project that never saw the light of day, of some interest (possibly):

Nothing to worry about…

Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

Lend me your ears- and eyes….

My Red Clay Rambler bandmates and I singing Jack Herrick’s musicalization of our state toast!

Do the Math

Sources: Rolling Stone Magazine, US Dept of Energy,

Sources: Rolling Stone Magazine, US Dept of Energy,

This little chart comes from, and shows peak oil production in the US about 1965, charted against Rolling Stone’s list of the "500 Greatest Songs of All TIme"; this is not just rock, we’re talking great songs (#1 is Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone, FYI). You can’t dispute the oil numbers, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE that songwriting quality declined as pictured- and ignores some of the best songs ever written, just because nobody’s heard them??? What did they do, find a hundred boomers and take their word for it??

Blogging the Future

If you walk too quickly through automatic doors, expecting them to open as usual, you may be making a false assumption. Pay attention

Blogging the Future

Cause that’s what you really want to know about.