Could use some viral help here…

Same old story, web version 4.0, musician getting screwed by the music seller. This one is so stupid that it’s funny.

AMAZON had a program running for a short while in 2008, when they were first getting into the MP3 business, that allowed artists to sell MP3s direct from Amazon — I wasted no time, uploaded “Chris Frank and His Orchestra”, music from my LP days. I imagine the program got out of hand pretty quickly, I remember telling quite a few players about it, seemed like a great deal, my album right next to everybody else’s, for sale around the world.

I didn’t think about it until a few days ago. I thought I would check in and see if they owed me 50 cents (I recall buying a track just to make sure it worked, and it did).  Well, forget about it, ‘cuz Amazon has. I can’t find any account information, under any of my various email addressed, which is understandable (to me, anyway), but what I don’t understand is why NO ONE at Amazon can find anything either.

The product is obviously in their vast database, and in that database there is a field that says who the vendor is, I’M POSITIVE.  I’m just as sure that someone somewhere can look it up. If it’s not me, who is it?

I’m thinking about a video that goes viral-nuts, the sad story of the poor musician taking it on the chin, holding his guitar, staring forlornly into the computer at his Amazon listing, just wants his 50 cents. I’ll get somebody younger to play me, but you know the familiar ironic/whining style that is nation popular now-a-days, it’ll be like that.

The album is right here, but don’t go buying it until we find out where the money goes:

Don't buy it!!!

And you think I don’t have anything better to do than this???  Ha ha, to you!

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