Fester Report

Just as predicted,  one of the most pleasant festivals you’ll ever attend. The LEAFestival cranked up this past Thursday, the weather was EXCELLENT, the pickin’ “mighty fine”….

Rick Good, banjoist extraordinaire, pickin' blue fire at LEAF

Here’s a shot of Ricardo Bueno, pickin’ the ol’ fiver, in Eden Hall- this was the first of three sets, each one unique and quite satisfying, IMHO.  We had a lot of the right ingredients that are necessary to achieve the totally impossible “perfect gig”, and it was damn close for all three performances.  Here’s why:

1) Hospitality in spades, ample food, coffee, beer, etc.

2) Perfect weather

3) Great sound, with the help of our own celebrated Jerry Brown

4) The most important element, an incredible crowd/community that forms up there for these weekends.  This is not a park-and-ride day-fest, it’s a set-up-camp-and-live-there kind of thing, tents packed in close, some really nice setups,  very comfy home-away from home:  grills a-burnin’, kids running everywhere, music in the air.

Two headed fiddler: Clay Buckner and Michael Pilgrim

Everybody seemed to have the same intent, a good time,  seeing old friends and making new ones.  Playing for that kind of a crowd is as good as it gets, a way different animal than the drive-to-a-concert-after-a-hard-day-at-work audience.

I think I can safely speak for all of the Red Clay Ramblers tribe, thanks to everybody at LEAF- this was their 31st year and this festival is in top form: no tell-tale signs of the dreaded fester-osis that often comes with the ‘mature’ fest. This must have been one of their most successful and satisfying years to date, here’s to 31 more!

PS and my daughter was a daring young girl on the flying trapeze, check out her story…

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