Rescue, afloat but adrift…

Dear friends,

Not much happening around our non-profit dot-org site, not because there’s not much happening, but because we ran out of gas. Boat is sound, but we are out on the ocean without paddle or sail.

Our seal of approval

When some one -say one of your kids- comes to you for help, you have to figure out what they really want. Maybe they just want encouragement: “You’re not that far out, the tide will probably push you ashore.” Maybe it’s advice they want: “Use that cooler lid for a paddle….”  Or maybe (not often) criticism: “Next time, check the gas BEFORE you leave the dock!”

But sometimes it’s a straight rescue that’s called for, “I’ll toss this rope to you…” and that is what this is about. Interested in helping support folk music? Have some internet skills? Like to volunteer? We are looking for someone to take the helm– is it you or someone you know?

We’ve got a storied history, from our first MP3-by-the-track sales in 1999, through the dot-com bust, web 2.0, and we’ve out-survived a lot of them. It is now time for this sailor to stay on terra firma and take care of “business”, I’m volunteered-out. Sick of the nautical theme? But still interested? Please contact me, ASAP.

Boats rot at the docks, folks, we need to keep it moving. Take this website, please!!!



PS Or a huge bequest would be nice.

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