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Let efolkMusic Promote Your “Concertcast”

Broadcasting an event over theInternet (webcasting) used to be a HUGE deal.  Getting live video and audio distributed to a larger audience required the ‘caster to have a big “pipe” to serve many streams at once, but now days anyone with a decent high speed connection can get it out to any and all with one of the new services like

A game-changer for traveling AND stationary pickers.

The email came from from Massachusetts folk-rocker Erin McKeown, and announced a series of house concerts, with a twist. She’s webcasting the shows using a new service, The service allows anyone with a webcam and a mic to broadcast live “TV” from wherever to an unlimited number of viewers- and if you have higher production values (lights, good sound, nice video cameras, duh) it looks and sounds fabulous! The best part is that she is selling tickets on her website (through paypal, $10) and sending ticket holders the URL and a password just before the show to give them access.

Her press says she is “inviting you into her living room, onto her porch, into her river, and into her yard” and I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t make some money on this. I’m not trying to sell tickets for her (although I wish her luck and will be curious as to how it turns out), but this is just such a great concept, I had to tell you about it. I suggest you get your email lists up to date, sign up at ustream, and produce a concert.

efolkMusic wants to help artists and producers get the word out when a concertcast of interest to our community is happening, so please write us and we’ll let our 9,000+ newsletter subscribers know:

Going Around the Blockage

This no-brainer of a strategy comes straight out of the Republican playbook, and you’ve got to give them some credit- just use it towards better ends, please. I did music for a documentary on Jesse Helms a few years back, and spent quite a few hours listening to Jesse’s henchmen describe how they put Senator No into office and kept him there for years. The smart guy was Richard Viguerie, a long-time politico/marketing genius, credited with “inventing” direct mail marketing. He holds up his left hand, back to camera, and then describes going “around the blockage of Dan Rather, CBS news, the NY Times, the liberal media”, his right hand moving around the left, like a shark going for the kill- “straight to the voters”  with his direct mail appeals.

That’s what the modern musician can do, if he/she/they can leverage the internet, really use the tools that are available- and there are plenty- to get and keep fans. Who are you trying to reach? Where are they hanging out? At a nearby club? At the country club? In front of their computer??

Answer one question at a time, add your own, and stay tuned!

Pioneered political use of computerized direct mail. That technology was the Internet of its day: it enabled conservatives to get around liberals’ dominance of the mass media; it allowed thousands of conservative candidates, organizations and causes to get their messages to grassroots Americans. – RV