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Skype Lessons and Consulting, Right At Home!

It makes a lot of sense, and I’m surprised it’s not more widespread: Teaching musicians are using Skype to offer interactive lessons.  I’m told you can get a fiddle lesson with Kevin Burke, right in your home, and I’m betting  it will become a popular way to get lessons.  It makes me consider taking up the violin!

From the teachers standpoint, it’s fantastic- the market expands exponentially; what is now a local market becomes a world market, crossing borders and facilitating real-time video and audio connection with anyone who has a computer with a webcam. Students, you’re going to find that a lot of  world-class players are willing to “sit down” with you, you are not limited to your home boys.

What am I waiting for? Contact me if you are interested in video lessons on guitar, piano, accordion in a myriad of styles (25 years with the Red Clay Ramblers have taught me a couple of things…) – and while we are listing offerings, I’m also available to consult on music production and marketing. I’m cheaper than your plumber,  and I guarantee my work.