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Could use some viral help here…

Same old story, web version 4.0, musician getting screwed by the music seller. This one is so stupid that it’s funny.

AMAZON had a program running for a short while in 2008, when they were first getting into the MP3 business, that allowed artists to sell MP3s direct from Amazon — I wasted no time, uploaded “Chris Frank and His Orchestra”, music from my LP days. I imagine the program got out of hand pretty quickly, I remember telling quite a few players about it, seemed like a great deal, my album right next to everybody else’s, for sale around the world.

I didn’t think about it until a few days ago. I thought I would check in and see if they owed me 50 cents (I recall buying a track just to make sure it worked, and it did).  Well, forget about it, ‘cuz Amazon has. I can’t find any account information, under any of my various email addressed, which is understandable (to me, anyway), but what I don’t understand is why NO ONE at Amazon can find anything either.

The product is obviously in their vast database, and in that database there is a field that says who the vendor is, I’M POSITIVE.  I’m just as sure that someone somewhere can look it up. If it’s not me, who is it?

I’m thinking about a video that goes viral-nuts, the sad story of the poor musician taking it on the chin, holding his guitar, staring forlornly into the computer at his Amazon listing, just wants his 50 cents. I’ll get somebody younger to play me, but you know the familiar ironic/whining style that is nation popular now-a-days, it’ll be like that.

The album is right here, but don’t go buying it until we find out where the money goes:

Don't buy it!!!

And you think I don’t have anything better to do than this???  Ha ha, to you!


We seem to be on the edge of a paradigm shift. Orchestras are struggling to stay alive, rock has been relegated to the underground, jazz has stopped evolving and become a dead art, the music industry itself has been subsumed by corporate culture and composers are at their wit’s end trying to find something that’s hip but still appeals to an audience mired in a 19th-century sensibility. – Glenn Branca, NY Times

We are living through an amazing time in the arts, the beginning of an epoch. Artists of all types, (even those of us with limited resources), have access to tools that hadn’t been dreamed in the “golden era”, fabulous instruments musical and technical. Everything has changed- the playing field, the game, the players.  This presents us with a challenge, but luckily we threw the rulebook out with the old game.

We must seize this moment. WE THE PEOPLE, the artists, the musicians, the dancers, WE can write the new rules, and take back our art from the puppetmasters. We can go around their weakened forces, directly to our fans.

We are talking  revolution, here, and what the new post.alt music business 2.0 will look like.  If anything is certain, it’s that you will be in control of your art and your business if you intend to survive- and you will be using any and every tool available, to make your music and to get it into the ears of your listeners, wherever they are.

I won’t go too deeply into music production tools (although there may be a bit about the Death of Autotune (2009), sticking mainly to the marketing and distribution of your “product”, the micro-business of you or your band.

Yamaha CX5M, c1984

Yamaha CX5M, c1984

Musicians were early adopters of computer tech. It all started, for me with a Yamaha CX5M in 1984, hooked to a DX7.  The evolution to an Atari ST in ’85 and an internet connection was logical and orderly, and I had email (Compuserve, 1987!) for about a year before I had anybody to email to.  But I knew then, it was something that could be leveraged, a huge network I didn’t pay for, a pipe of ever-growing size from my computer to yours! Practically free, I could send a song for a song, and it changed my life.   The wires  and the satellites are  there, we can use them willy-nilly. How do we do that? How can we make the most of it?

Answering this and looking ahead, this is all about surviving in the real world by utilizing the virtual world.

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