We’re back!!!! Google relents, decides not to squish us…

Against all odds, efolkMusic.org wins one round in the endless battle to stay alive on the web, which means not pissing off Google.  For those of you who haven’t been following closely, our upstanding, never-spammy website found itself on Google’s bad side as “pharma hackers” found a way to game the super-secret algorithms and create a couple million links that combined the terms “efolkmusic” and various popular drugs.

googlemp3Visitors to our site were aware of no problem, Bing and Yahoo searchers saw us fine, but we were pretty quickly blacklisted by Google. We had to hire a “security” company to clean up the mess; they did a half-assed job, we were ostensibly in the index, but you could google “efolkmusic.org” and we didn’t show. Arrgh!!!

Google give websites little recourse for remedy- there is no one you can call, no dialog you can have with an employee. The robo-messages say “don’t bother replying”, and send you to some so-called help pages or the forums. It’s hard to tell if there is any official presence in the forums, but the volunteers (if that’s what they are) are certainly part of the super-organism that is Google, and 24 forum-posts later we got help there from a “Robbo” dude (or robot???) — VOILA, we found two lines of bad code that the cleanup missed, squished them in a few aggressive keystrokes.

As of today, we are back to “normal”, go ahead, search “folk music mp3s”, any-old search engine will do. And PLEASE, consider making a donation of any amount, help us continue the good fight.

Because they could squish us at any moment- fear of fear, as Randy Newman says- isn’t that what terror is?

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